Attention: Parents of kids with celiac disease

and/or gluten intolerance


“You Just Found Your


Definitive Guide To

Raising Happy Kids

In A Gluten – Free World

This is an actual “practical Description: th_underlineguide”

(not a theoretical-medical exposition)

on how you can get your kids

to survive and thrive despite celiac disease

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and/or gluten intolerance.


ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING you need to know about

Description: th_underline

raising gluten-free kids from infancy to

their teenage years is right here!


“This was written by a parent, for parents.”





“Thank You Thank You Thank You!!”

What else can I say! I love your book. It has been so helpful to me but particularly for my child. We can now go out to restaurants

I feel like T have got my life back!.

We set our kitchen up just like you recommended and now never get any cross contamination. Thanks for that advise.

And now I know where to get all the pre-manufacturedgluten-free food. WOW! I never knew there was so much variety until I read this book.

Can't thats you enough.

Lynn Dawson

Dayton, Ohio USA




“Invaluable book, highly recommended”

My son was recently diagnosed as Gluten Intolerant, so I bought this book.

I found it an invaluable resource and would I strongly recommend it to anyone looking for great advice and helpful hints and recommendations.

Not only does it cover the medical aspects of the condition including what medical tests are available, but it offers a myriad of great practical information that I can apply to bringing up my children in this gluten-free world

Miranda Cashmerie


Sydney, Australia


Dear Fellow Parent,

First off, let’s begin with a pop quiz.:)

Description: Capture

I still remember the day the pediatrician told me my child had celiac disease.

Back then, I would have answered this pop quiz with “All of the above” without even having to read all of the other choices.

But guess what??
11 years after that fateful visit to the pediatrician, here I am now.
Hi, my name is Melanie Wilson

I am a Mother of 3 children all who have food and gluten intolerances. As you can see all are thriving, healthy and happy!
I was able to raise happy and active kids living normal lives despite celiac disease and gluten intolerance!
How I did it was no miracle, nor was it devastatingly difficult.
But don’t get me wrong. It wasn’t really a walk in the park either.
Failure to take celiac disease seriously may lead to the following (as has been medically proven):
  • Severe malnutrition (due to chronic diarrhea and abnormal bowel movement)
  • Anemia (due to the malabsorption of Iron, Folic acid and Vitamin B12)
  • Osteopoenia and/or Osteoporosis (due to the malabsorption of Calcium and Vitamin D)
  • Abnormal bleeding (due to malabsorption of Vitamin K)
  • Stunted growth and Pubertal delay
  • Autoimmune diseases such as diabetes mellitus, thyroiditis, cirrhosis and colitis
  • Child depression, autism, ataxia, schizophrenia and other mental disorders
Yes, this definitely looks pretty darn serious and scary.
As long as you understand the disease, are able to distinguish between myths and facts, and are able to approach the situation objectively with
an open mind,  half the battle is won
The other half, I’m prepared to tackle with you as I take you by the hand and show you exactly what you need to do on a day to day basis.



Fantastic! Wouldn’t be without it

This book contains all the facts, tips and parental advice I wish I had when I first started on this journey. Its a pity you had not written it then LOL! This is such a great book, I highly recommend it to anyoneinterested in knowing all the intracies of living in the gluten-free world. For me, its PRICELESS!

Jan Hobenhaur
Toronto, Canada





I Love Your Book

Wow, what a great effort Melanie.

There are so many great things in this book that will be helpful to other families in a similar situation.

I have already recommended it to a few friends who are enjoying it now

Lea Kingdon
Brisbane, Australia


What I am, is a parent who has 11 years of firsthand experience raising my own kids gluten free.
And I was not just able to “raise” them.
My own gluten intolerant kids are growing happily and actively. They lead normal lives just like other kids their age. They’re able to enjoy their entire childhood free from being unnecessarily controlled by their condition.
Through the years, I have been through numerous consultations with physicians, nutritionists, dieticians and other medical experts.This helped me understand the actual facts around celiac disease and gluten intolerance.
I have also cultivated great relationships with other parents who also have extensive firsthand experience dealing with kids with similar conditions. They have provided me with great insight on how to deal with the situation as a parent.
This combination of influences allowed me to create a working and effective practical guide on how to raise gluten-free kids – as a parent for other parents.
This is not simply a “copy-and-paste collage” – a collection of random information about celiac disease and gluten intolerance lifted from various medical sources both online and otherwise, slapped together and passed off as a “guide”.
This is the real deal. Over 140 pages of real information, practical facts and figures that could drastically change the way you live your life without gluten.
In fact, here are some parents like you and me who have benefited from this.
Here are some facts you should know right off the bat:

What exactly is gluten and how common is it?


Gluten is a naturally occurring protein found in most of the grains we eat in today’s modern diet such as all forms of wheat, barley, rye, triticale and some oats.

Basically, gluten can be found in most bread, pasta, cereal and baked goods.

Gluten can also be found in processed meat, beer, soy sauce, licorice, cosmetics and even some medications.

Stamp glue and hair spray may also contain gluten.


What is Celiac Disease and how serious is it?


Celiac Disease is a chronic disorder of the small intestine caused by sensitivity to gluten which damages the small intestine and interferes with absorption of nutrients such as fats, protein, carbohydrates, iron, water, and vitamins A, D, E, and K.

It is an autoimmune disorder. So when a Celiac patient eats foods with gluten, the autoimmune response confuses the proteins found in gluten for invaders and attacks it but in the process,it starts to attack our own bodies as well.

It‘s a disease and not simply an allergy or intolerance to wheat. You don‘t grow out of Celiac Disease, you have it for life.


What is Gluten Intolerance and how will it affect my child’s life?

Gluten intolerance is the inability of the digestive system to digest and absorb gluten resulting to chronic diarrhea and abnormal bowel movement.

Children with gluten intolerance will experience upset stomach, diarrhea and even vomiting whenever gluten is ingested. For this reason, a gluten intolerant child’s diet should be closely watched.

You don’t have to let this condition dictate your child’s life and future
And yours too, for that matter.
You need to arm yourself with useful and practical information. The kind you can easily and readily apply to your daily life in order to minimize, and even eliminate, the impact this medical condition has to your child’s life.
You need a “reference manual” that is:
Practical – filled with useful information that can be applied to actual day-to-day circumstances (instead of lengthy and technical medical theory and exposition)
Timely – material that is applicable to present day situations and circumstances (instead of medical examples and case studies from the turn of the century)
Easy to understand – delivered in everyday language (instead of medical jargon that even doctors need reference books to understand)
Comprehensive – you’re going to raise a child from infancy to early adulthood, therefore, you need information on how to handle their needs at every stage of their growth and development (instead of focusing only on either the general circumstances or just one developmental stage)
Handy – something you can leaf through or browse easily whenever you need quick reference (instead of big bulky books that require a forklift)
All these, and more, are what you can find inside
what has been consistently regarded as the
#1 Guide for parents of kids with celiac disease
and gluten intolerance!

How To Raise Kids

Gluten Free


This is your ultimate “one-stop shop” for everything you need to know about celiac disease and gluten intolerance

Here’s a shortlist of just a few of the things you’ll find out within this 143-page eBook:
Which foods are safe to eat and which are not?
This is one of the most basic pieces of information all parents should be aware of. Unfortunately, it’s also the object of a lot of misinformation.
This eBook will give you a huge list of the foods you can feed your children as well as those you should stay away from. Not only that, you’ll also find out how to make sure the food you buy at the grocery or supermarket is truly gluten-free.
Hint: When you look at the ingredients list on the label, you won’t see ‘gluten’ there but you’ll know how to spot it nevertheless.
How to SAFELY eat out at restaurants again?
You’ll find out the easy way to get gluten-free food at your favorite restaurants – and it won’t cost you a penny more.
I’ll even show you how to look for restaurants who actually serve gluten-free food right off their standard menu.
With this info, you’ll never have gluten accidents ever again.
How to make sense of what the doctor said?
Feel like you’re talking to an alien whenever you speak with your doctor about this condition?
You can lay your worries and doubts to rest because this eBook translates all the difficult-to-understand medical elements and technical terms of celiac disease and gluten intolerance to layman’s terms.
You’ll never again feel confused by all the medical stuff. You and your doctor will always be on the same page when it comes to discussing your child’s condition.
What symptoms should I be on the lookout for?
You’ll learn how to recognize even the slightest of symptoms whenever your child has a “gluten accident”.
There are over 300 of these symptoms and you’ll be able to familiarize yourself with most, if not all, of them so you’ll always know which ones are affecting your child and thus, act accordingly.
What is the difference between Gluten Intolerance, Gluten Sensitivity and Celiac Disease?
Most people think these are all the same, mainly because the differences between them are quite subtle and most of their individual characteristics overlap with each other.
But with this E-book you’ll know better, and you’ll be able to know for sure which condition affects your child.
I think my child is Gluten Intolerant, what tests can the doctor do?
Not only will you find out which medical tests to ask your doctor for in order to determine your child’s exact condition – you’ll even get an in-depth understanding of workings of the actual tests.
This will help you gain a working understanding of the differences between celiac disease and gluten intolerance so you don’t mix up your approach to each.
What foods can you take with you when travelling?
Don’t let your child starve while travelling because you can’t get take-out food that is suitable.
We’ll give you lots of tasty options so your kids NEVER go hungry on a road trip ever again.
How do I help my insecure teen who just wants to eat pizza like his friends?
Dealing with upset kids and making them understand why they can’t eat certain foods – especially when they see their friends eating them, is one of the trickiest things a parent should learn.
This eBook gives you some very effective advice on how to deal with these situations so you can help your kids cope.
Should the rest of the family go gluten-free or not?
This decision is usually quite difficult especially if you already have kids who are non-gluten intolerant and who are suddenly faced with the prospect of changing their entire eating habits because of a gluten-intolerant or celiac family member.
We’ll go through all the pros and cons to help make this an easier decision for your family and give you good advice on how to make everyone agree to a single workable consensus.
What snack food can I give my child?
Getting your gluten intolerant kids some yummy snacks should never be such a daunting task.
This eBook will make sure of that, as it gives you a whole slew of snack ideas that your kids will surely love.
What should I be putting in my child’s lunchbox?
School food will never be a big worry ever again.
This eBook will give you a wealth of food ideas, recipes, and straight-off-the-shelf food products you can readily stuff in your kid’s lunchbox so you can be sure he won’t have any “gluten accidents” at school.
How to handle play-overs, sleep-overs and birthday parties at others people’s places?
Most parents simply deprive their kids the chance to experience play overs, sleep overs and even birthday parties because they’re afraid of a “gluten accident”.
Well, this eBook discusses this in detail and once you find out how to handle this, you and your child will be able to cope with this like a charm.
What natural remedies can I use to help ease the symptoms?
If not for everything else, you should get this eBook just for this list.
It gives you full details of steps you can take to ease your child’s discomfort and fast track the healing process whenever he’s having a “gluten attack”. 
For your child’s sake, you should not miss out on this.
How will I be able to raise a child gluten-free from infancy onwards?
Once your child has gluten intolerance, he’s going to have it for life. That means you, as the parent, will have to be there and make it easy for her through pre-school, grade-school all the way to her teenage years.
It may seem like a daunting task, but not if you have this eBook which practically walks you through each step of the way.
No other eBook is more comprehensive when it comes to raising your kids gluten free all the way through.
How have other parents coped with this condition and what advice can they give?
I have spent years speaking with other parents who have kids with celiac disease and gluten intolerance.
I have built friendly and supportive relationships with them and we have exchanged numerous invaluable ideas over the years on how to handle almost every situation most parents in this same situation face.
This eBook will give you access to this wealth of information and experience. You’ll feel like you’ve been in every conversation I’ve ever had with these parents.
Is there a vaccine available for Celiac Disease?
We uncover the latest research and status on a vaccine currently under trial and the results look promising!

This is need-to-know information you should not be without!







“I highly recommend this useful book for Parents of children with CD or GI.”


“I would recommend this work to any Parent who has a child that suffers from Gluten Intolerance or Celiac Disease.”

“Melanie has created an in-depth study in her book on the conditions of GI and CD, but also bolsters this with great practical information for parents addressing the upbringing and emotional needs for their kids.”

This knowledge could easily save your child from a nasty gluten mishap – something that no parent wants.

What’s the value of that?

Acupuncturist, Chinese Herbalist




Worth every Penny!!!

This is a fantastic book and I am so glad I found it!

I particularly liked the part on how to make my kitchen and pantry gluten free and how to avoid cross contamination so there are no ‘gluten accidents’!

Peter Jameison

Surrey, UK


When I first tried to look for information on celiac disease and gluten intolerance…
I found all the information I wanted to know in a
hundred different places and provided by
dozens of different people
And many times, the different pieces of information I got contradicted each other.
Initially, all I wanted to know was:
  •   What is gluten and what foods contain it?
  •   What is celiac disease and gluten intolerance?
  •   What adjustments do I need to make in order to help my gluten intolerant child cope?
  •   What are the different situations parents in my situation face and how do I deal with them?
I was stunned by the large amount of information I had to assimilate – and utterly shocked at the unbelievable range of knowledge area the information is scattered around.
It was like putting together a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle with the puzzle pieces scattered through an entire city.
I had to wade through all the mixed myths and facts myself and separate the useful information from all the fallacies and misconceptions.
I also spent countless hours over months on end researching on how to deal with the condition through each stage of a child’s growth.
How you deal with the situation while your gluten intolerant child is just a toddler will not work once he’s in pre-school. And how you deal with it while your child’s in grade school is again drastically different once your child enters his early teens.
Add to this constant change, the element of your child’s social circle and you’re looking at a continuous process of adjustment and re-adjustment both on a physical and emotional level.
Lucky for you, I love my child so much that I braved through the herculean task and emerged on the other side victorious.
You don’t have to go through all that work
because I already did it for you!
Even I was surprised at the sheer comprehensiveness of this eBook when I first put it together.
It covers ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING you’re most likely to think of dealing with growing kids who have celiac disease and/or gluten intolerance.
  •  Want to know how to put together a gluten-free grocery list?
  •  Want to find out how to host a gluten-free birthday party with all the works?
  •  Want to learn an entire menu of gluten-free recipes the entire family will love?
  •  Want to find out how to deal with tantrums and with sulking toddlers?
  •  Want to know how to handle overnight outdoor activities like camps and sleepovers?
  •  Want to learn basic first aid for when your child accidentally ingests gluten?
  •  Want to know how to properly choose gluten-free kitchen items such as flour, sauces, bread, cereals etc?
  • Want to be able to cook gourmet quality gluten-free meals?
  • Want to find out how you can deal with other people who will come in contact with your child such as teachers, other kids, parents etc?
  • Want to find out what to order from chefs when eating out and how to do it without running up a huge tab?
  • Want to know how you can adjust from dealing with gluten intolerant toddlers, to gluten intolerant grade schoolers, to gluten intolerant tweens up to gluten intolerant teenagers?

Think of any possible situation you might face…

You’ll find the answer on how to deal with it

Description: th_underline

inside this eBook!




“No Gluten Intolerant Sufferer Should Be Without This Guide!”

This is a wonderfully in-depth and detailed look into the world of living gluten free.

If you’re new to understanding the concept, have recently been diagnosed celiac or gluten intolerant, or would like to brought up to date with the latest information, this a great place to have all of your questions answered.

Melanie, you have written an amazing tome of information that will be invaluable to sufferers of this condition – congratulations on a fabulous effort.


Food Therapist, Oriental Medicine



A Must Have For Every Parent With Gluten Intolerant Children

Thank you – it was a great help, Melanie.

Thanks for the 25 Top Tips, found them really handy. Also all the products that have gluten in them. Hairspray and vitamins – who’d have thought.?

Andrew McCormack

Virginia, USA

How much is complete practical guide such as this worth to you?
Think about it.
  • What would it cost to visit the doctor for a consultation every time you are unsure about something you should or should not do for your gluten intolerant child?
  •  What would it cost to have your child hospitalized again and again because you don’t know how to spot gluten in foods you prepare?
  •   What would it cost to learn a workable collection of gluten-free recipes you can prepare at the drop of a hat?
  •  What would it cost to ease the discomfort and heal your child right after a “gluten accident”?
And we’re not only talking about money here.
  •   What is it worth to have your child experience sleepovers, play overs and birthday parties without the fear of a possible “gluten attack”?
  • What is it worth be able to explain to a toddler in an acceptable manner (as far as the child is concerned) that he can’t eat certain foods his classmates are eating?
  • What is it worth not having to endure watching your child suffer because of one careless act resulting in a gluten attack?
  • What is it worth to watch your kid grow happily and actively despite having celiac disease and gluten intolerance?
Are these worth $97 to you? Is $97 too much to ask to help stop your child from SUFFERING any longer ??
Any rational and caring parent wouldn’t think so.But even if you think $97 is too much for all these, you don’t have to worry.
You’re NOT going to pay $97 for this eBook.

Get “How To Raise Kids Gluten Free” for just $37!

And as if that insanely low price is not good enough…
Act now and you’ll also receive the following

Bonus Gifts at no extra cost! That’s right …. FREE!




Bonus Gift #1

100 Great Gluten-Free Recipes
a $27  value
One of the hardest things to get your head around is what foods you will be able to eat or cook on this diet. We have made it so simple for you in this book of 100 Great Gluten Free Recipes. 
Gluten Free breads, cakes, pizza bases, pastas and a myriad of gluten free recipes are all covered in details here. Regardless whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, you’ll never be at a loss for food ideas with this gluten-free recipe book.
All recipes have widely available ingredients and are all very easy to prepare.
Be able to whip up gluten free quality food your family will surely love!



Bonus Gift #2
101 Positive Affirmations For Your Child
a $27  value

Poor self-esteem and even Depression can affect children diagnosed with this condition. Don’t let it affect your child.

It’s easy for children to lose self-confidence and develop poor self-esteem nowadays due to peer pressure and the stresses of growing up.
Take Action
This eBook will help you increase your child’s confidence and self-esteem with over a hundred easy to read and remember affirmations.

A priceless resource for parents who want to raise, not just physically healthy but, emotionally strong, capable and happy children.




Bonus Gift #3

The Ultimate Salad Recipe Collection

a $27  value



The Ultimate Salad Recipe Collection

Over 350 amazingly fresh and delicious 100% gluten-free salad creations!


Even if you prepared one different salad for every day of the year, you’ll never be out of ideas such as:

  • Antipasto Salad
  • Bavarian Potato Salad
  • Broccoli Sesame Salad
  • Calico Salad
  • Caesar Salad
  • Chicken Salad Mari
  • Chilled Cucumber Salad
  • Double Raspberry Salad
  • Frozen Pineapple-Almond Salad
  • Harvest Salad with Honey Dressing
  • Hot Spinach and Mushroom Salad
  • Jambalaya Salad
  • Lemon-Cherry Layered Salad
  • Liza Minnelli’s Salade de Provence
  • Tropical Shrimp Salad
  • Savory Ratatouille
  • The Islands Rice-Fruit Salad
  • Rice plus Many More!



Bonus Gift #4

120 Delicious Smoothie Recipes

a $27  value


120 Delicious Smoothie Recipes

Over 350 amazingly fresh and delicious 100% gluten-free salad creations!


Even if you prepared one different salad for every day of the year, you’ll never be out of ideas such as:

  • Peaches and Dreams Smoothie
  • Orange Pineapple Smoothie
  • Passionate Peach Smoothie
  • Peanut Butter Sundae Smoothie
  • Pecan Pie Smoothie
  • Peppermint Smoothie
  • Rainbow Smoothie
  • Pineapple Papaya Smoothie
  • Chocolate Mint Smoothie
  • PLUS Over 100 More


Bonus Gift #5

Supermarket Ingredients Cheat Sheet

a $15  value
Printable Ingredient Checklist


This printable ingredient checklist is a handy companion you can keep in your wallet or purse so you’ll always know which items to pick up at the grocery or supermarket.
Never be confused about which grocery items are gluten-free and which are not.
Over 340 items are listed here covering condiments, sauces, flours, baking needs and a whole lot more!






Bonus Gift #6

131 Ice Cream Maker Recipes
a $27  value
131 Ice Cream Maker Recipes
With 131 ice cream recipes inside this eBook, you’ll have a delicious homemade ice cream creation to meet every need: regular, low-calorie, sugar-free and non-dairy!
And since you’ll be making these ice cream creations yourself, you can be sure they’re all healthy, natural and 100% gluten free.
Here are some of the ice cream creations inside:

  • LIME



Bonus Gift #7
Home Vegetable Gardening
a $27  value
A complete and practical guide to the planting and care of vegetables,fruits and berries.
  • Learn how to grow your own veggies
  • Eat healthy organic veggies
  • Enjoy a family garden as a project the whole family can enjoy
  • Save lots of money by growing your own produce
  • Great educational experience for the kids and healthy food to eat



Bonus Gift #8

Organic Secrets

a $27  value


Organic Secrets will show you the plain, simple facts about growing your own healthy organic produce in your garden.
You'll get over 40 chapters that explain how to become 'Organic' including: creating the best soil, when and how to plant seeds through to great time and labour saving ideas on eradicating garden pests safely and choosing the perfect tools to make light of any task.





Bonus Gift #9
Understanding And Treating ADHD
a $27  value

Many kids of today may be afflicted with ADHD or ADD. Often Gluten afflicted children are diagnosed with ADHD. But is it a correct diagnosis. Let this book help. It explores the difference between  ADHD and ADD, and provides and in-depth look at this condition and its manifestations in society and family life. It offers solutions on managing this condition, discussions on natural therapies and medical treatments, and tips on surviving, diet and what symptoms to look out for.  Get more information and be informed.



9 Bonus Gifts !!
A total of $231 in real world value …..yours FREE
when you order ….
“How to Raise Kids Gluten Free”
right now for just $37!






So Happy I found this book

Do yourself a big favor and get this book. I am so glad I did. I found the information in it extremely helpful. Knowing what to cook and prepare for my kids was invaluable, especially the kids snacks for lunch at school and while travelling in the car on road trips. Brilliant ! Your ‘rules’ for setting up a gluten free kitchen helped our ‘mixed’ family a lot. I no longer get contamination across food groups. And the tips on how to handle both the pantry and fridge are excellent.

Loved the bonuses too. We LOVE making all the yummy smoothies and I take the Supermarket Cheat Sheet with me everywhere I go. Thanks so much Melanie for sharing this great info for others like me to use. It’s a definitive work that’s for sure !

Celia Howard

Melbourne, Australia

I just want you to have a stress-free way of dealing
with your child’s celiac disease
or gluten intolerance
I know exactly what it feels to be totally lost with worry and anxiety eating at you night and day.
No parent should have to endure that kind of misery.
And no child should have to sacrifice a normal and enjoyable life because of a medical condition such as this.
That’s why even if I spent a small fortune and a great deal of time trying to put together all the information contained inside this eBook, I decided to set the price this low.
It’s because I genuinely want to help you.
You deserve a break and your child deserves the best care you can provide.
And with this eBook, I know you’re at least one step closer to becoming the best parent in the world for your celiac or gluten intolerant child.
It is also for this reason that even if this is already an awesome offer as it is…
…I’m still willing to take it a step further by making this a risk free move on your part.

Just take a look at what you’re getting:

How to Raise Kids Gluten Free $97 value
100 Great Gluten Free Recipes $27 value
101 Affirmations for Your Child $27 value
Ultimate Salad Recipe Collection $27 value
120 Delicious Smoothie Recipes $27 value
Super Market Ingredient Cheat Sheet $15 value
131 Ice Cream Maker Recipes $27 value
Home Vegetable Gardening $27 value
Organic Secrets $27 value
Understanding and Treating ADHD $27 value

10 Books in Total!
A total of $328 worth of value yours right now
for the unbelievably low price of just
$37 only!
That’s only $3.70 per book. You get my book and all the research and study I did over 12 months to compile it, for only $3.70 !  Wow, that’s a deal !
I cant get any fairer than that. In any way you look at it, that’s a fair deal I am offering you.
So what are you waiting for?
I’m sure you love your kids as much as I do mine.
Get “How to Raise Kids Gluten Free” right now and start letting your celiac or gluten intolerant child live a normal and happy life…
…the kind every child deserves.
P.S.“If you’re selling this eBook for this low, it means it’s not really as good as you say it is.”
This is something I commonly get – and I understand the sentiment completely. It really is quite unnatural for a total stranger like me to offer you this kind of help and only charge this much. But regardless of your skepticism, I really REALLY  just want to help you and your child out.
That’s the reason why I have a 60-day 100% money back guarantee. If you get this eBook now, I’m sure you’ll be able to finish checking this out within 60 days just to prove to yourself that this book is as good as I say it is.
And in the remote chance you actually believe this is just hype, you can just email me  at or contact clickbank and we’ll immediately process your full refund.
I urge you to just give this a shot. I promise you, it will be one of the best displays of love you’ll be able to do for your child.
P.P.S. 10 fully packed eBooks for just $37 is an awesome steal – just $3.70 per book. Now that’s a good deal that I simply cannot make any better.
That’s why as soon as this initial launch offer ends (which is anytime now), I’m planning to increase the price of “How to Raise Kids Gluten Free” along with all the bonuses to $57.
Now, $57 for 10 ebooks,is still, by any measure, a great value deal considering the amount of useful information and valuable content you’ll be getting with this. I put in over 12 months of my life creating How To Raise Kids Gluten Free and its worth every cent of $57 ALONE and you get the bonuses for free.
This may very well be your last chance to get this entire 9-eBook package for this price. So don’t delay, order now, in case the price changes by the time you come back.
Get “How To Raise Kids Gluten Free”
and all the 9 bonuses for just $37!

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